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About Us

Pulido Jewelers & Repair has been a reputable fine jeweler for over 20 years in the greater southern California area, officially opening our doors in 2002. We offer a unique way to develop a lasting relationship with our clients by providing them with a private, by appointment, tailored and personalized fine jewelry shopping experience.


However, our origins in the fine jewelry industry date back to the 1960s. It all started when Luis Pulido began to pass down the trade of fine jewelry manufacturing to his son, Carlos in Mexico City in 1961. Carlos displayed a natural talent for design from an early age and by the mid-1970's, he had been working as a bench jeweler with his father for many years.


It was then that Carlos decided to immigrate to the US to make his art and skills available to a wider audience. He quickly established himself as a master jeweler, designing and manufacturing jewelry for some of the most prestigious jewelry houses in Beverly Hills, as well as the greater Los Angeles area.


The family operation continued to thrive throughout the 1980's, with Carlos' passion for perfection driving the business. His success and notoriety eventually helped him to expand his operations into the prestigious International Jewelry Center (procuring a suite while it was still under construction).


In 2002, Carlos decided to transition the business from manufacturing to retail, relocating the entire operation to Mission Viejo, California. It was at this time that his daughter, Kathy began to assume the reins and steer the business in its new direction.


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